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Dr. Furman offers his surgical expertise to perform procedures such as Castrations (Neuters), Ovariohysterectomies (Spay), Laceration repairs, Soft tissue surgeries, Cystotomies, Exploratories, and various other procedures. Our anesthetized patients are closely monitored while sedate and procedures are performed on a heated surgery table to maintain their body temperature. All procedures are performed using sterile surgery packs to minimize the risk of post surgical infection. If needed IV fluids will be administered during surgery. All patients are electronically monitored during surgery and also by a trained individual. Patients recover under the careful observation of a trained individual and under the comfort of soft, warm blankets. Patients receive pre-operative blood work as needed. Dr. Furman believes very strongly in the advanced management of pain for all pets while undergoing a procedure. All patients receive pain management prior to the procedure and following a procedure. All patients receive a complimentary pedicure and ear cleaning while under anesthesia.



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